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Tennessee moves up in AP Poll after solid week

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NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Volunteers are up to No. 19 in today’s AP Poll update.

After a tough loss to Texas on the road, Tennessee bounced back with a solid game against Texas A&M at home, and a dominant performance on the road at South Carolina. Suddenly, the Volunteers have ripped off five straight SEC wins, improving to 7-3 in conference play. Tennessee, now 16-6 overall, has a tough road trip up next to Mississippi State on Wednesday night.

Despite a massive scare on Saturday from Georgia, Auburn was able to hold on to the top spot once again this week. The Tigers received 48 first place votes against Gonzaga’s 13. Purdue, Arizona and Kentucky make up the rest of the top five.

The SEC has just three teams ranked this week, with Arkansas narrowly missing the cut.

New AP Top 25

1. Auburn

2. Gonzaga

3. Purdue

4. Arizona

5. Kentucky

6. Houston

7. Duke

8. Kansas

9. Texas Tech

10. Baylor

11. Providence

12. UCLA

13. Illinois

14. Wisconsin

15. Villanova

16. Ohio State

17. Michigan State

18. Marquette

19. Tennessee

20. Texas

21. USC

22. Saint Mary’s

23. Murray State

24. UConn

25. Xavier