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SEC Standings heading into final two games

It’s complicated.

NCAA Basketball: Louisiana State at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a four team battle at the top of the SEC standings for a few weeks — now it all comes down to the final two games. The regular season will wrap up this week, and a champion will be crowned.

A trip to Tampa Bay will be up next for the SEC Tournament, but we’ve got the seed list to sort out first.

Auburn holds a one game lead following their loss to Tennessee on Saturday. Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee are now just one game back, each sitting at 12-4 in conference play. All four teams have clinched the double-bye in the SEC Tournament, but what will 1-4 look like?

It’s complicated, and filled with tiebreakers. Here’s where things stand for now, and what’s left this week.

Remaining Schedule

1. Auburn (13-3): at Mississippi State, vs. South Carolina

2. Arkansas (12-4): vs. LSU, at Tennessee

2. Kentucky (12-4): vs. Ole Miss, at Florida

2. Tennessee (12-4): at Georgia, vs. Arkansas

Clearly, Auburn has the easiest path left. Two wins and they’ll clinch the regular season crown and the No. 1 seed for next week. If Tennessee wants any shot at earning a share of the regular season title, they’ll likely need Mississippi State to knock off Auburn tomorrow night. As you know by now, the Tigers have really struggled on the road lately, and Starkville is no picnic.

If Tennessee can get that Auburn loss and win their final two games, then things will get fun on Saturday. The Volunteers would own the tiebreaker for the No. 1 seed over Auburn after last Saturday’s win. They would also own a tiebreaker over Kentucky in the event of a three-way tie, thanks to having the best record (2-1) among games played between the three.

If Tennessee wins two, Kentucky wins two and Auburn wins two, the Volunteers would own the tiebreaker over Kentucky for the No. 2 seed, once again thanks to their win over Auburn on Saturday.

Obviously, should Tennessee lose to Arkansas, a No. 3 or No. 4 seed is the likely result.

It’s a messy picture that we’ll revisit after Wednesday as we look ahead to a massive day on Saturday. First things first, Tennessee needs to take care of business at Georgia tonight, a place that they haven’t won at since 2011.