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Buy now: Tennessee baseball ‘Mike Honcho’ t-shirt from Breaking T

These are awesome.

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We knew Tennessee-Vanderbilt would be a wild series, but I don’t think anyone saw these fireworks coming. Right off the jump, Jordan Beck hit a homerun, and controversy struck.

The umpires inspected Beck’s bat, and ruled it illegal. The bat had an inspection sticker on it, but it was apparently from Tennessee’s mid-week game. Clearly, Tim Corbin knew about this issue and quickly pounced.

The run came off the board and Tony Vitello was none too pleased. But it did create a legendary moment.

Vitello was asked about the situation by the broadcast, and delivered an all-time response.

This team has a ton of personality, and this is just the latest example of that. They’re brash, they don’t care about your feelings, and they’re probably going whip you on the field. True villains.

Now you can own the shirt to match the moment, thanks to our friends at Breaking T.

Breaking T also has a few more Tennessee baseball options. Shop here now.