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Look: Danny White teases return of V-O-L-S signs above Neyland Stadium

White will score a lot of points with this one.

Syndication: Knoxville Calvin Mattheis/News Sentinel

Tennessee fans have been very vocal about an extremely specific feature returning to Neyland Stadium. Now, that appears to actually be happening.

Tennessee AD Danny White teased the return of the ‘VOLS’ letters above Neyland Stadium, tweeting out this sketch on Thursday afternoon. The signs — now apparently orange with white letters — would sit atop the south endzone on both sides of the video board.

The letters have been a hot topic since White took over, coinciding with the announced renovation plans to Neyland Stadium. It was the perfect time to add back this nostalgic touch, something that is sure to win White plenty of points with the fanbase.

White is aware of how much the letters mean. He posted the old set outside of the stadium ahead of Tennessee’s game with South Carolina last season so fans could see them once again. With Tennessee completing a party deck, field level suites and other renovations around Neyland, bringing these letters back was a simple and easy touch to make fans happy.

Credit to Danny White here for making it happen — sometimes just sitting back and listening is all you need to do.