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USC and UCLA reportedly set to join Big Ten

The dominos keep falling.

UCLA v USC Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Last year it was Texas and Oklahoma shocking the world and joining the SEC — this year it’s USC and UCLA joining.... the Big Ten? It’s happening. Multiple reports from across the country on Thursday confirmed the news.

We have a couple more seasons of normalcy left in college football before things change in a big, big way. The power five days are rapidly wrapping up as two powers have broken away from the pack. The SEC and Big Ten will eventually house 16 teams, and geographical standards are quickly evaporating.

The move leaves the Pac-12 in an odd spot. What happens next? Does Oregon follow? What happens to the rest that may be left out in the cold? Arizona, Arizona State, Washington, Washington State, Utah, Colorado, Cal and Stanford have to be scrambling right now.

The Big 12 and ACC also have to be feeling the pressure, pretty obviously falling behind. Can they make any moves to keep up? Geographically speaking, it certainly would make sense for the Big 12 to make an immediate move for the remnants of the Pac-12.

Per ESPN, USC and UCLA have a grant of rights tied to the current Pac-12 television contract, which expires after the 2023 football season. This detail cleared the way for both schools to make the move as early as 2024.

College athletics are rapidly changing — true superconferences are just two years away from becoming the norm. Thursday’s news should set off yet another round of realignment as everyone tries to get settled before the music stops playing. Buckle up!