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USC issues statement on Bru McCoy situation

Syndication: The Knoxville News-Sentinel Calvin Mattheis/News Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Bru McCoy transfer saga marches on. Tennessee has been working to get the former five-star prospect eligible, but USC’s cooperation has come into question over the last several days.

So much so that USC was forced to issue a statement on the situation.

“At no point since Bru entered the transfer portal in January have we objected to him being made immediately eligible at Tennessee,” USC’s statement reads. “The issue of Bru’s eligibility ultimately rests with the NCAA, and we wish him the very best.”

Here’s the full statement.

Many, including Volquest’s Austin Price, aren’t buying it.

According to a report from Trey Wallace, there were always two outcomes in this instance. Since McCoy has transferred multiple times, he needs a waiver to play this season for Tennessee.

USC could have signed off on a No Participation Opportunity Form to allow McCoy to be eligible immediately, or…

If USC didn’t sign off, Tennessee would need to file a waiver with the NCAA, with cooperation from the USC program, a process UT has already started.

Wallace has more on the complicated situation here.

McCoy did not play for the Trojans in 2021 following an off-field incident that he was never charged for. Following that, he opted to hit the portal and ultimately landed with Tennessee.

It appears that USC dragged its feet here, and now it’s in the hands of the NCAA. It’s mind-blowing that these things take so long to get resolved — and here we sit just a handful of days before the 2022 season and things still are not resolved.

McCoy still has two seasons of eligibility left and figures to be somewhere in the receiver rotation immediately if he’s cleared to play. Josh Heupel certainly would like an answer, simply for game-planning purposes at this point.

Tennessee kicks off 2022 against Ball State on September 1st.