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Live Updates: Tennessee at Pittsburgh

Let’s go!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 01 Ball State at Tennessee Photo by Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Tennessee and Pittsburgh are set for kickoff. ABC will have the coverage, starting at 3:30 p.m. ET.

Discuss the game below!

We’ll have live updates and thoughts throughout the afternoon.


Fourth down again.... this time Patti throws incomplete. Tennessee wins, 34-27.

Fourth down..... game on the line.... Patti completes to Mumpfield for the first down.

A touchdown from Hendon Hooker gets called back for a hold.... Hooker comes back and finds Cedric Tillman for the score. Tennessee 34, Pitt 27

Overtime coming up. 27 all.

Tennessee drive stalls just before midfield. 1:03 to go, Volunteers punting...

New score: Tennessee 27, Pittsburgh 27. 2:23 to go.

With the game on the line, Pitt goes for it on fourth down from the four. The injured Nick Patti delivered. Touchdown, Jared Wayne.

Fourth down...

Nick Patti can hardly even move, this might come down to the Pitt OL vs. the Tennessee front from the three yard line.

Pitt inside of the 5 after a screen. Under 4 to play.

Pitt goes for it on fourth and converts. Inside of the 20. 5 to play.

Trevon Flowers MUFFS a punt after Tennessee got a stop. Pitt now in business. Vols doing everything they can to lose this game.

Pitt comes up with a big sack to end the drive. Tennessee tries a 51 yarder, and it’s good. Chase McGrath punches it through to extend the lead to 27-20 with 8:57 to play.

Tennessee goes for it on fourth down in no-man’s land. Tillman comes up with it. First down. Huge.

Massive conversion there from Bru McCoy. Tennessee driving.

HUGE stand by the defense. Byron Young with the sack to end the drive. Nick Patti shaken up. Panthers add a field goal to cut it to 24-20. 14:30 left in the game.

Pitt riding Abanikanda on the ground here and finding some success. It’s been a grind, but they’ve made it down inside of the five, which is where we’ll open the fourth quarter.

Pitt ball. Jaylen Wright fumbles, even though forward progress was stopped. After review, refs give Pitt the football.

Cedric Tillman drops a touchdown, Tennessee goes three and out, and Pitt blocks a punt. Panthers needed something, and they got it here. Pittsburgh can’t cash in with anything though — three and out and another missed kick. Tennessee 24, Pitt 17.

Tennessee punts. Pitt punts back. Patti doesn’t look comfortable at all, Tennessee pass rush is coming hard.

Pitt QB Kedon Slovis is OUT due to injury. Nick Patti enters. He immediately leads Pitt into FG range, and the Panthers miss — not even close. Tennessee ball.

Tennessee does in fact add three points to take a 24-17 lead into halftime.

SACK. FUMBLE. TENNESSEE FOOTBALL. Just before halftime Tennessee now has a shot to add at least three points.

Just. Like. That. Tennessee leads. Hooker loads up and hits Tillman deep. Small caps it. Vols lead 21-17. We got a wild one brewing.

SACK! Turnover on downs. Tennessee gets a HUGE stop on fourth and three after Narduzzi opted to go for it. Had to have it.

TOUCHDOWN BRU MCCOY! Hooker makes up for that mistake and tosses a lofty touchdown pass to McCoy. Dropped it right in the bucket for six. 17-14, Pittsburgh.

Hooker missed Tillman deep for six. Wide open.

Banks dialing up pressure and gets burned — Slovis finds his tight end who hurdled a defender and ended up going the distance. Tennessee HAS to start getting home with this pressure. 17-7, Pitt.

Tennessee coming hard after Slovis. Plenty of hits on him to this point, could start to add up.

TOUCHDOWN TENNESSEE. The offense has arrived with an 80 yard touchdown drive, capped off by a Jabari Small touchdown run. Hendon Hooker heating up a bit, game on. Pitt 10, Tennessee 7.

INTERCEPTION. Trevon Flowers grabs a tipped ball in the back of the endzone to keep Tennessee breathing.

Tennessee opted to go for it on fourth down and failed. A hold on Spraggins tripped up what looked to be a promising drive, and Hooker couldn’t connect with Tillman on the fourth down throw.

Pitt rips off a huge touchdown run, right up the gut — wide open spaces. UGLY start here, the polar opposite of last season. 10-0, Pitt.

Dreadful start for the Tennessee offense. Broken play on second down and a sack on third down. Out of sync early on.

Pitt walks right down the field but can’t finish off the drive. Mumpfield dropped a touchdown pass, but the Panthers knocked through a field goal. 3-0, Pitt.

Tennessee opens with the ball and quickly goes three and out. Hooker missed an open Hyatt over the middle on third down.