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Tennessee-Florida: Live coverage and discussion

Let’s go!

NCAA Football: Akron at Tennessee Bryan Lynn-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee and Florida are set for battle this afternoon in Knoxville. Follow along with us as we react live to what we see, and discuss the game below in the comments!

CBS has the coverage. The Volunteers are 10.5 point favorites.


  • Florida scores and gets the onside kick.... but cannot do anything more


  • Touchdown Florida. Gators had to have it and they got it, but the clock is working against them. Napier goes for 2 and fails... Tennessee leads 38-27. Under five minutes to go.
  • TOUCHDOWN TENNESSEE. Jaylen Wright for six. Volunteers go up 38-21 with 7:55 to play.
  • Big play — Hooker to Warren to flip the field again.
  • TENNESSEE FOOTBALL! Anthony Richardson fumbles and the Volunteers recover. 10 point lead, 4th quarter. Tennessee in control.
  • ANOTHER key 4th down conversion for Florida. Deep shot on 4th and 2 from the Tennessee 25 converts. Gators stay alive. To the 4th quarter we go.
  • Touchdown Jabari Small. Tennessee controls this game, 31-21.
  • Hooker huge scramble to flip the field. Tennessee threatening once again
  • Richardson scores up the middle. Big decision from Napier pays off. 24-21, Tennessee.
  • Florida goes for in on fourth down and gets it. In business in the redzone.
  • Touchdown.... Hendon Hooker to Jabari Small. Easy money. 24-14 Tennessee (12:08 3Q).
  • Out of halftime... Tennessee driving. Big play from Jabari Small flips the field.
  • TOUCHDOWN TENNESSEE. Hooker cashes in to Bru McCoy to make it 17-14 before half. 99 yards. HUGE
  • Hooker fighting through... converts 3rd and 10. Then another big one to Ramel Keyton. Vols in business before half.
  • Hooker pretty clearly hurting. CBS calls it an upper body injury.
  • Florida punts.... to the Tennessee 1. 99 yards to go with 2:50 to go.
  • Tennessee gets across midfield and goes for it on fourth down... and Hooker gets sacked. Florida ball. Hooker is holding his shoulder/collarbone in pain.
  • Richardson converts 3rd and 12 in the redzone.... Then scores on a QB sweep. Florida 14, Tennessee 10. (8:28 2Q)
  • Kamal Hadden is hurt. Big development with Warren Burrell and Dee Williams unavailable.
  • TOUCHDOWN TENNESSEE. Hendon Hooker for six. Tennessee 10, Florida 7. Just like that.
  • Hooker to McCoy for a HUGE gain. Vols to the five going in.
  • The third fourth down attempt for Florida... and they get it. Richardson delivers on the next play for a touchdown. Multiple missed tackles. Florida 7, Tennessee 3 (12:41, 2Q).
  • A drop by Jacob Warren ends the drive. Hooker was a little behind on the throw. Tennessee takes the field goal. 3-0 Tennessee, 1:11, 1Q.
  • Florida gets a couple of first downs... and misses a 50 yard field goal. Tennessee ball (0-0, 4:35 1Q)
  • A good Tennessee drive ends in heartbreak. Princeton Fant fumbles and gives the Gators the ball. Vols were threatening inside the redzone. 0-0 8:11, 1st quarter
  • Florida goes for it again instead of opting for a field goal.... and gets stuffed. Tennessee football.
  • Florida goes for it on 4th and 1 and gets it, big early moment for the Gators.
  • RB Dylan Sampson and CB Warren Burrell are also out. CB Dee Williams and LB Kwauze Garland are also out.
  • Tennessee will be without Cedric Tillman today, as expected. They’ll need Bru and Jalin to step up in a big way.