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Tennessee jumps back into the top five of AP Poll

The Volunteers survived the week, and they’ve been rewarded for it.

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

Major, major changes to the AP top 25 poll this week in college basketball. Tennessee is back in the top five after surviving the week, which was filled with injuries and sickness for the Volunteers. Road wins over Mississippi State and LSU bring them all the way up to No. 4 in the latest ranking.

Tennessee will take on Georgia and No. 10 Texas this week.

Purdue surged back to the top of this week’s poll, simply surviving the week. Houston and UCLA lost, and Kansas lost twice. Alabama climbed up to No. 2, coming oh-so-close to the No. 1 spot. Just 16 points separated the two at the top.

Tennessee and Alabama remain on a collision course, with that February 15th matchup in Knoxville looming.

The only other ranked team out of the SEC was Auburn, which checked in at No. 15.

Latest AP Top 25

1. Purdue

2. Alabama

3. Houston

4. Tennessee

5. Kansas State

6. Arizona

7. Virginia


9. Kansas

10. Texas

11. TCU

12. Iowa State

13. Xavier

14. Gonzaga

15. Auburn

16. Marquette

17. Baylor

18. Charleston

19. UConn

20. Miami

21. FAU

22. Saint Mary’s

23. Providence

24. Clemson

25. New Mexico