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SEC Power Rankings: Week Six Quick Rush

A brief look at the power rankings that went through very little movement ahead of week seven

South Carolina v Tennessee Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

1. Georgia Bulldogs | 6-0 | 25.61328 points (#3 overall)

Week Six Result: 51-13 W vs. Kentucky

When the Dawgs want to turn it on, there might not be a better team in the country. The reigning champs put together their first complete performance of the season, and the SEC is well on notice as Carson Beck has arrived.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide | 5-1 | 24.08599 points (#7)

Week Six Result: 26-20 W @ Texas A&M

Jermaine Burton and Isaiah Bond had huge games as Alabama desperately needed them to in order to squeak out a win in College Station. The Tide defense locked up throughout the fourth quarter, preserving the lead and winning the game.

3. Tennessee Volunteers | 4-1 | 22.34219 points (#12)

Week Six Result: BYE
Movement: ↑1

A Vols off week results in them leapfrogging Ole Miss in what’s an incredibly tight race for the top of the tier below Georgia and Alabama.

4. Ole Miss Rebels | 5-1 | 21.7324 points (#14)

Week Six Result: 27-20 W vs. Arkansas
Movement: ↓1

Ole Miss wins but drops a spot. They played with their food a bit too much for the formula’s liking, and they even trailed a free-falling Arkansas team into the fourth quarter.

5. LSU Tigers | 4-2 | 20.3941 points (#19)

Week Six Result: 49-39 W @ Missouri
Movement: ↑3

A big time, season saving win for LSU here. While their CFP hopes are dashed, their SEC West odds are very much alive. This is the worst defense of any team in my top 50 by success rating allowed (46.1%), but Jayden Daniels is having a season that may see him wind up in New York as this offense continues to match the TDs the defense gives up.

6. Texas A&M Aggies | 4-2 | 20.02923 points (#25)

Week Six Result: 26-20 L vs. Alabama
Movement: —

A hard fought game once again against Alabama, but another close loss to Nick Saban for Jimbo Fisher. This result felt a bit predetermined the second Connor Weigman went down for the season, but if there is a silver lining, it’s that this defensive line is as legit as any in the country. Studs across the board.

7. Kentucky Wildcats | 5-1 | 18.96836 points (#31)

Week Six Result: 51-13 L @ Georgia
Movement: ↓2

Welp. We wanted to see Kentucky face the big boys to gauge where they were, and we certainly got that! Kentucky’s brand is basically Georgia but if they were made up of a bunch of three-stars. This is a very well coached team, but Devin Leary is a shell of what he used to be, and if they can’t run the ball, they’re going to get beat.

8. Florida Gators | 4-2 | 18.3952 points (#36)

Week Six Result: 38-14 W vs. Vanderbilt
Movement: ↑2

A great bounceback win for the Gators after a demoralizing loss the week before. I still don’t know what to make of this team, but at this point in the season, that usually spells inconsistency which has become the staple of Billy Napier thus far.

9. Missouri Tigers | 5-1 | 18.37762 points (#37)

Week Six Result: 49-39 L vs. LSU
Movement: ↓2

Tough one to swallow for Missouri. They had LSU on the ropes, but they let Jayden Daniels push them around before he dished the knockout blow. Luther Burden is still that dude, but bad Brady Cook reared his head at times in the worst of situations. Things don’t get any easier for Mizzou with Kentucky, Georgia, and Tennessee making up three of their next four games.

10. Auburn Tigers | 3-2 | 18.1444 points (#39)

Week Six Result: BYE
Movement: ↓1

Florida moving up during Auburn’s bye week means the Tigers move down a spot. Auburn gets LSU in Death Valley on Saturday.

11. South Carolina Gamecocks | 2-3 | 16.90655 points (#53)

Week Six Result: BYE
Movement: ↑1

The Gamecocks move up a slot during their bye week with Arkansas losing.

12. Arkansas Razorbacks | 2-4 | 16.81633 points (#57)

Week Six Result: 27-20 loss @ Ole Miss
Movement: ↓1

The entire coaching staff needs cleaning out, from top to bottom. I haven’t seen a gross misusing of star players like the way KJ Jefferson and Rocket Sanders are used in this offense. Jefferson should not be throwing 40 times, and Sanders needs to be touching the ball more than 11 times. Dan Enos should probably worry about scheming an offense rather than responding to rightfully disgruntled fans through emails.

13. Mississippi State Bulldogs | 3-3 | 16.67344 points (#59)

Week Six Result: 41-28 W vs. Western Michigan
Movement: —

A win over a MAC team isn’t good enough to get State to generate movement, but seeing a W after their recent stretch is always nice.

14. Vanderbilt Commodores | 2-5 | 12.15485 points (#112)

Week Six Result: 27-20 loss @ Ole Miss
Movement: —

This won’t change all season barring some miracle winning streak. They continue to get bodied by pretty much any team with a pulse.