The REAL Top 25

Everyone loves to hate rankings. We love being able to point out something that just doesn't make sense.

How much should rankings prioritize results over team quality? How much do we value a "lucky" win? It's an impossible task, because sometimes better teams lose to worse teams. We only have a few games to go off, especially early in the season. Right now, there are approximately 30 teams with one loss or less. We all know it's pointless, but it's still fun to do - and argue about. Here's is my attempt at the current TRUE top 25.

1) Oklahoma They've only had one real test (Texas) but they passed it.

2) Ohio State The Buckeyes have also only had one real test, but the win at Notre Dame is looking better now after ND pasted USC.

3) Michigan Yet to allow more than 10 points in a single game and yet to score under 30 points. But they also haven't played anyone.

4) Penn State Basically the same story as Michigan but not quite as impressive.

5) Washington I never trust Pac-12 teams, but the win over Oregon was gutsy.

6) Florida State The week one win over LSU was impressive, but they've had a couple of close calls on the road since then.

7) Texas Nice win at Alabama, but couldn't quite seal the deal against Oklahoma. Dominant in all their other games.

8) Georgia Kentucky can no longer be considered a "good win" and they looked sluggish against mediocre SC and Auburn teams.

9) North Carolina Still undefeated, but the defense has looked suspect.

10) Oregon They were rolling through their schedule until they hit Washington.

11) Alabama Two close calls in a row. This is not the same standard we've seen in the past at Bama.

12) Ole Miss Bounced back from the Bama loss with a big win over LSU.

13) Tennessee The second quarter disaster at Florida looms large. The Vols are finding other ways to win with the passing game not firing on all cylinders.

14) LSU Great offense. Terrible defense.

15) Oregon State The Beavers have quietly racked up a couple of ranked wins, but the Washington State loss is looking much worse now.

16) Utah Decent home wins over Florida and UCLA vs. a single road loss (Oregon State)

17) Notre Dame Just wrapped up a tough stretch in their schedule and picked up two wins (Duke, USC) vs. two losses (Ohio State, Louisville).

18) Duke Other than their loss to Notre Dame, Duke has outscored all other opponents by at least three touchdowns (including Clemson).

19) USC They had been playing with fire for a couple weeks and finally got burned at Notre Dame.

20) Louisville They follow up a good win over Notre Dame by picking up their first loss after getting smoked at Pitt(!)

21) Missouri Pretty good early season win over Kansas State and they just torched Kentucky on the road.

22) Iowa Somehow they only have one loss, so I guess they deserve to be ranked for now.

23) Miami Should be 5-1 after losing to North Carolina this week, but the coaches blew that Georgia Tech game last week.

24) Florida. Did you know the Gators are 5-2? I didn't remember until just now. And someone had to go in this slot.

25) Air Force Let's get some Group of Five representation here for the undefeated Falcons.

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