The REAL Top 25 - Week 9

We had plenty of top 25 matchups and a few upsets as well. How did the REAL rankings change? Let me know if you agree or disagree!

1) Ohio State The Buckeyes move into the top spot after knocking off undefeated Penn State. They haven't always looked great, but they've gotten the job done so far.

2) Oklahoma They struggled a bit with UCF and aside from beating Texas, their resume is pretty bare. They have a couple of decent road challenges coming up (Kansas, Oklahoma St), so we'll see if they survive.

3) Florida State Duke hung with them for awhile, but Florida State turned it on in the fourth quarter.

4) Michigan They've been utterly dominant, but Michigan has yet to have face a *top 70* offense! I am not kidding when I say that Rutgers is probably the best offensive team they've played. And anyway, I had to dock them a couple of spots for the potential cheating scandal.

5) Washington Probably a little lucky to escape with the win at home against subpar Arizona State. They should handle Stanford next week, but then they end the season with a tough four game stretch (@USC, Utah, @Oregon St, Washington St).

6) Texas Houston played them tough, but Texas came away with the win on the road.

7) Alabama Solid halftime adjustments - they utterly demoralized the Vols in the second half.

8) Georgia I'm still waiting for Georgia to actually beat someone. They'll be able prove themselves over the next four weeks (Florida, Missouri, Ole Miss, @Tennessee).

9) Oregon Relatively comfortable win against a decent Washington State team

10) Ole Miss Auburn kept it close, but Ole Miss was able to hold them off.

11) Oregon State Idle this week. The next few weeks don't look too tough, but they end with Washington and Oregon in back-to-back weeks.

12) Utah Nice win over USC on the road.

13) LSU Easy win over Army. They have a week off and then travel to Alabama in a huge SEC West matchup.

14) Penn State Their offense was ...offensive... against Ohio State. This team doesn't look capable of keeping pace with any semi-decent team. The 20-12 scoreline was extremely flattering.

15) Notre Dame Idle this week

16) Missouri I'm still not sure if they're for real, but Missouri keeps racking up wins.

17) Louisville Idle this week and they host Duke next week.

18) Florida Idle this week. They'll need the rest, because four of their last five games are against ranked teams (Georgia, Arkansas, @LSU, @Missouri, Florida St)

19) Tennessee There's no shame in losing on the road to Alabama, but the second half collapse will sting for awhile.

20) North Carolina Shocking loss at home to the worst team in the ACC (Virginia).

21) Duke As mentioned above, they hung tough for awhile with Florida State but ultimately came up short.

22) Miami They picked up a nice win at home over Clemson.

23) USC Tough last-second loss to Utah. They'll have to get over it quickly, because Oregon comes to town this weekend.

24) Oklahoma State They suffered an inexplicable blowout loss *at home* to South Alabama early in the season, but they've picked up some nice wins since then (Kansas State, Kansas, @West Virginia)

25) Air Force This spot is hereby reserved for the best undefeated "Group of Five" team. You can't convince me they would beat any of the Power Five teams that just missed the cut, but hey - they've won all their games and that's not easy to do.

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