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Drinkwitz to Heupel: ‘We stand on business, Josh’


Syndication: Columbia Daily Tribune Abigail Landwehr/Tribune / USA TODAY NETWORK

We knew going into this one that it meant a lot to Missouri. Eli Drinkwitz had seen his team get blown out twice by former Missouri offensive coordinator Josh Heupel. Tennessee had scored 60 points in two straight meetings with the Tigers.

That changed in a large way last weekend. Drinkwitz has Missouri rolling this year, and they got the better of Tennessee on Saturday, winning 36-7. It had to feel good for Drinkwitz, who undoubtedly hadn’t forgotten about Heupel throwing deep shots late against his team last year in Knoxville. Tennessee was in the middle of a push to make the College Football Playoff at the time, and style points are a real thing as teams with a loss try to impress the committee.

Maybe that’s where the following comment came from. During the postgame handshake, Drinkwitz — known for not being shy — ran up to Heupel and said “we stand on business, Josh.”

Watch below.

The manner of how it happened and how quickly Drinkwitz got away from the situation makes it seem a little hostile. Also, what exactly does standing on business even mean? Does it mean the two are even now? Payback delivered? I saw this last night and slept on it and still don’t have a clue. Clearly, it was meant as some sort of swipe at Heupel, but the delivery was strange — and very on brand for Drink.

Of course, Tennessee and Missouri will no longer play every year with the SEC moving away from divisions next year, so this budding personal rivalry will likely stall here.

What did you think of the comments from Drinkwitz?