Envisioning a Spectacular Trade for Joel Embiid of the Sixers


The saying goes that where there's smoke, there's fire. When rumors hold significant weight, it's reasonable to suspect there's some truth fueling the speculation. This principle holds in the NBA as much as anywhere else, and currently, the Philadelphia 76ers are enveloped in substantial speculation – to the point where there's undeniable substance. The fact that James Harden desires a switch to a different team isn't just hearsay anymore; it's an established reality. Could a trade plea from Joel Embiid be the next development? This is where things become hazy. Time will ultimately provide clarity. Yet, there's valid cause for conjecture. Considering the Sixers would struggle to fill the void left by Harden, a significant regression could unsurprisingly prompt Embiid to seek a trade. Might the Sixers contemplate dispatching him to the Orlando Magic?