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College Football Playoff: Final four teams revealed

The field is set.

NCAA Football: CFP National Champions-Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: The College Football Playoff field is set.

The committee did it — they took the four best teams. Alabama gets the nod over Florida State, thanks to a win in the SEC Championship game over Georgia and an unfortunate injury to FSU QB Jordan Travis.

  1. Michigan
  2. Washington
  3. Texas
  4. Alabama
  5. Florida State
  6. Georgia

So it’ll be Michigan-Alabama and Washington-Texas.

You wanted chaos? You got chaos.

Alabama walked into Atlanta on Saturday and knocked off No. 1 Georgia, ending the Bulldogs’ 29 game win streak. The Crimson Tide through the College Football Playoff committee a major curveball in the process, presenting them a scenario where a couple of teams are going to feel like they got the short end of the stick.

College Football Playoff Picture

You’ve got two absolute locks: Michigan and Washington.

There’s almost no way you can leave out Texas.

That leaves the committee with this decision — undefeated Florida State playing without their star quarterback Jordan Travis for the rest of the year, or SEC Champion Alabama fresh off of a win over No. 1 Georgia.

Either way, feelings are going to be hurt. It’s really too bad we don’t have the 12-team system this year.

My top four: 1) Michigan 2) Washington 3) Texas 4) Alabama

What I think we get: 1) Michigan 2) Washington 3) Texas 4) Florida State

It’s a case of the most deserving vs. the best four. Alabama is clearly in that group over Florida State if you’re going for the best four, thanks to the quarterback situation in Tallahassee. But what will the committee do with that information? Can you really leave out an undefeated power five champ? On another note, can you really leave out the SEC champ?

How to watch the College Football Playoff reveal

Time: Noon ET

TV Channel: ESPN

Streaming: Watch ESPN, ESPN App

Updates will follow later today.