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Monday Musings: Heartbreak for Jauan Jennings

NFL: Super Bowl LVIII-San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports


And you fine folks know what that means. It’s time to grab some orange and white chips and scoop out a gooey queso of Tennessee Volunteers-related thoughts on this fine day after the Super Bowl.

On with it...

1) I’m so sick for Jauan Jennings. A total gut punch. What an EXTRAORDINARY performance from the Tennessee great. With a passing touchdown and receiving one, he became just the second player in NFL history to record a passing and receiving touchdown in the same game, joining Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII.

2) And it’s even more disheartening because man, it looked like he had the Super Bowl MVP award firmly within in his grasp. No one else, at least on the Niners, had really stood out on the day, so if San Francisco had been able to put it away, there’s a solid chance that JJ would have taken home the hardware. At unbelievably long-shot odds (I saw +37000), that would have been incredible.

3) And it’s hard to see him every getting a better look at it. Jennings is a restricted free agent this year, which means he will very likely be back with the Niners next year. But man, it was all right there for the taking. Perhaps the Niners will get to New Orleans next year for Super Bowl LIX. But that was Jennings’ game and moment. Such a shame the Niners couldn’t finish.

4) But that means that Trey Smith is now a two-time Super Bowl champion. The outstanding guard for the Chiefs turned in a solid performance, with a very good 75.3 Pro Football Focus mark this year, which was the second highest on the Chiefs’ line. With back to back titles under his belt and a good look at a third straight coming, he’s got the chance to become remembered as part of a true dynasty, much as Dallas’ and New England’s linemen earned widespread acclaim during their respective ones. After everything he dealt with at Tennessee with the blood clot issues, you have to love how things have turned out for him. Congrats, #65.

5) What a disaster that was in College Station on Saturday night. I had a family function going on, so I couldn’t see all that much of it, but I’m glad I didn’t. A defensive disaster, to be certain. Just as the Vols look like world beaters, they prove they can go out and lay an absolute STINKER on the road. I know A&M shot the lights out, which happens sometimes, but it’s still a worry, to be certain. Hopefully things turn out better on Wednesday night against a putrid Arkansas team. I don’t care that it’s been a tough place to play. You’d better not drop that game if you’re Tennessee.

We’ll find out soon if this team can bounce back and show the toughness and grit they need to be a true contender, or if this team has a serious issue with about a month to go until the tourney.

Go Vols!