Tennessee Volunteers wins the football game by 6-0 against Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in Atlanta, Georgia.


News reel about Tennessee beating Ga. Tech 6-0 in Atlanta, Nov. 12, 1956. Be on the lookout for a touchdown pass from one John Majors.

"It’s going to be hard for me to compromise being physical and tackling (in practice), and if that...


"It’s going to be hard for me to compromise being physical and tackling (in practice), and if that means guys are going to get hurt, I’m going to have to live with it," Dooley said. "What I can’t live with is watching a team that doesn’t tackle well. So I’d rather have the worst players in college football who are going to go tackle than have good players that won’t tackle. "I’m sorry — we’re going to be physical in practice, and we’re going to tackle. I may be kicking myself in three weeks, but, man, I don’t know what’s worse. It’s hard to look at a team that doesn’t tackle very well, and we didn’t do it (against UAB last Saturday)."

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TKK Likes UT over LSU


Something’s got to give when two teams whose offenses and defenses both appear to decline after 30 minutes of play face off on the gridiron. Maybe it’s because I strongly suspect that Les Miles will spend the second half staring longingly across the field while thinking he wouldn’t have to wear such a huge hat if only he had hair like Derek’s, but I can’t shake the feeling that "Dooley’s Junkyard Vols" are about to score an SEC upset on the road.

BREAKING: Matt Simms is Batman


H/T Denarius Moore for uncovering the truth

IRS Complaint filed against BCS Bowls


BCS Bowls all claim to be ‘501(c)(3)’ public charities—the same tax designation as the American Red Cross—to make their revenues tax-exempt and obtain other taxpayer-funded benefits. Playoff PAC’s review uncovered a disturbing pattern of BCS Bowl organizations using their charitable funds to enrich Bowl executives, pay registered lobbyists without disclosure, fund political campaigns, and heap frivolous benefits on Bowl insiders. The BCS Bowls’ activities raise important concerns under federal tax laws and we anticipate that the IRS will give these issues due attention

SEC Soap Opera: UT & UGA


Tennessee Fans are worried that Dooley will leave. Georgia fans seem to want UGA to pursue Dooley. Other Georgia Fans are scared Richt will lose his job. Welcome to the SEC, which seems to have become As College Football Turns