Vols 3rd in Country for Freshman Played


"The Vols have played 15 true freshmen in their first three games, which ranks third in the country in most true freshman played. It's important for the Vols' development that the line of communication between the coaches and players is open and that the players receive proper feedback regarding their performance, especially with their youth. "I'm just trying to be honest with them," Dooley said"

Rule Of Tree - For Stanford Cardinal Fans


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Bruce Pearl hopes for the best - Luke Winn,

Are you sure that the worst is not yet to come? "I don't know," Pearl told in an interview following the clinic. "We did what we felt like we needed to do, to take steps proactively to penalize ourselves. I think the penalties were unprecedented in some scope. But we made mistakes. We provided false and misleading information to the NCAA. "I should be made an example of, and I am -- I'm embarrassed. But I hope that the things we did don't rise to the level of termination, because we run a clean program. We got investigated in a lot of areas."

Offensive line starters this week You will see three true freshmen, JaWuan James, James Stone and...


Offensive line starters this week You will see three true freshmen, JaWuan James, James Stone and Zach Fulton. The other two starters will be two sophomores.

James Bryant, qtd on VolNation

Hidden Advantage in College Football?


"College football teams from drier climates might have a secret advantage: Their opponents are all wet. College football betting markets show a statistically significant bias against home teams from arid regions who host teams from wetter environments, researchers from Kansas State University found." Rest at the link

Breaking News A.J. Johnson is a Vol, big pickup. [btw, he was choosing between UT and Florida]


Breaking News A.J. Johnson is a Vol, big pickup. [btw, he was choosing between UT and Florida]

Minnesota Band to Play Rocky Top?


WBIR Reporter Anthony Welsh's *unconfirmed* tweet that the Minnesota marching band will play Rocky Top when USC and Coach Kiffin slide into town this weekend. Did I mention this is *unconfirmed*? The simple thought that this might be true brings a smile to my face.

Fight Hunger via Buying Vols Gear


"On Saturday, before the University of Tennessee vs. Florida football game, remember the 19th annual Tim Kerin Memorial Drive. Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee, volunteers, staff and the students of the University of Tennessee Ministers Council will be collecting donations and distributing UT "Power Towels" for a suggested $5 donation. The orange-and-white Power Towels will be available outside of every gate at Neyland Stadium at 1:30 p.m., two hours before kickoff. "