Big Orange Harriers return


"The second meet of the 2010 season will be on tap for the Tennessee men's and women's cross country teams on Saturday, as the Big Orange harriers make their way back to Nashville for the Commodore Classic at Percy Warner Park. The Vols will take part in an 8,000-meter race at 9 a.m. (10 a.m. ET) Central time, while the Lady Vols run the 5,000-meter trail at 10 a.m. CT (11 ET)."

Ducks Hate Lane Kiffin Too


Read a nice piece at the about one man's game day experience last week in Knoxville.

Down The Drive - For Cincinnati Bearcats Fans


Head over to SB Nation's newest college blog to give Matt Opper a warm welcome.

Vince Dooley's Kennesaw State Owls Want A Piece Of Tennessee


At today's Kennesaw State football program startup announcement, I asked Coach Dooley if he might be able to get us a game against Georgia, considering his godlike status there. He said, "well, Georgia or Tennessee. I know the coach of Tennessee’s mother pretty well."

Stockers thoughts on his Slow start


In an interview, Stocker gives his thoughts on why his season hasn't started as well as he had hoped, and what he thinks the future holds for the team and himself. He comes across as very charitable to his team mates and the consummate professional.

Tennessee vs Georgia: The Wager


For those easily entertained, my blog partner and I have entered in to a shall we say gentlemanly wager regarding the Tennessee vs Georgia game on October 9

New Light on Pearls violations


" Bruce Pearl's admitted "mistakes" during an investigation into his men's basketball program include the Tennessee coach providing "incorrect and misleading information" to the NCAA about illegally hosting recruits at his home during the Fall of 2008, multiple sources have told Class of 2010 standout Aaron Craft is at the center of the investigation, according to sources. The point guard from Ohio committed to Tennessee in September 2008, i.e., at the beginning of his junior year. " TeamSpeedKills has more as well

Kentucky Basketball: Conflicting transcripts for Eric Bledsoe


Because SEC Basketball will never fully catch up to SEC Football unless we're all cheating...which hopefully is more joke than fact. As always, ASOB is on top of all things UK.

Rogers given Community Service for his part in Brawl


"General Sessions Judge Chuck Cerny dismissed a resisting arrest charge against wide receiver Da'Rick Rogers, who was charged after a fight July 9 at Bar Knoxville, 1820 Cumberland Ave. Cerny sentenced Rogers to 16 hours community service on a disorderly conduct charge and said the case will be called back to court on Oct. 27."