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Tennessee Recruiting Board

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Recruiting Board 2008
See Corn from a Jar's Six Maxims of Recruiting Coverage for more info.
Note: updates in progress, and ignore all references to Cutcliffe, obvs.

Need: LowOn roster in '08: Crompton (Jr), Stephens (So), Coleman (So)

Name Ht./Wt./40 Hometown/School Avg. Stars Offer? Schools Notes
Casey Kelly 6-4/195/4.60 Sarasota (FL) Sarasota ** Y Ala, Duke, Miss, Tenn, Rut, USF MLB scouts looking at him, attending Manning camp
Orhian Johnson

CFAJ inane commentary: In recruiting, just like on the field, QBs always get the most attention. With Cutcliffe on staff Tennessee will always get interest from outstanding quarterbacks, but with what UT has on roster it's not a position of need in '08. Then again, it wasn't really a position of need this time last year when BJ Coleman was a 2-star prospect. Over the year, Coleman improved his standing and became one of the standout recruits of 2007's class, so you never know what you'll find.

Running Back/ Fullback

Need: Lowish (TB), Who Knows? (FB)On roster in '08: Foster (Sr), Hardesty (Jr), Creer (So), Vereen (So), Hawkins (So), Cooper (FB, So)

Name Ht./Wt./40 Hometown/School Avg. Stars Offer Schools Notes
Ben Bartholomew 6-3/225 Nashville (TN) MBA *** Verbal Tenn Legacy, see also Will and Sam Bartholomew
Jeff Demps 5-10/180/4.35 Groveland (FL) South Lake *** N Fla, Tenn, FSU, Ark, VPI Fast-real fast
Albert Gary 5-10/176/4.5 Citra (FL) North Marion * Y FSU, Aub, Fla, S.Car, Tenn, W.Va ESPN has him interested in UT, Scout doesn't, Rivals has nothing on him
Dustin Lindsey
Tauren Poole 5-10/194/4.65 Toccoa (GA) Stephens County ** Verbal Tenn, (Aub, Clem, GT, UGa) UT commit since Oct. '06, had been wavering, but AJC had him solid, contradicted by Rivals
Jacquese Seward

CFAJ inane commentary: Early commit from TB Poole, any other takes would hopefully be with an eye toward building depth behind Creer in the future. Given Bartholomew's bloodlines, he was always going to have a spot in Knoxville, but is Cutcliffe's de-emphasis of the fullback temporary or long-term?

Wide Receiver

Need: Medium-lowOn roster in '08: Briscoe (Sr), Taylor (Sr), Williams (Sr), O'Neal (Sr), Rogers (Jr), Shelly (Jr), Hancock (Jr), Jones (So), Paige (So), Maples (So), Campbell(So)

Name Ht./Wt./40 Hometown/School Avg. Stars Offer? Schools Notes
Nick Bass 5-11/195/4.5 Warner Robins (GA) Northside *.5 Y Indy, Tenn, UGa, Aub, GT, Vandy Wants to play in the SEC or ACC, looking at Vandy
Antonio Bell 6-2/170/4.5 Daytona Beach (FL) Mainland ** Verbal Tenn (FIU, Neb, S. Carol) Comitted to Vols recently.
Aaron Boyd 6-4/195/4.65 Lexington (KY) Henry Clay **** Y Ark, UK, L'ville, Mia, NCSt, Tenn, UVa, ND, Mich, LSU, Fla, others Brother of former UK star Shane; "likes the Vols," ($)." but is getting a lot more attention, having a hard time trimming his list with more big schools offering
DeAndre Brown 6-6/208/4.62 Ocean Springs( MS)Ocean Springs ****.5 Y Ala, Aub, Fla, LSU, Mia, Miss, MS St, S. Carol, Tenn Top player in MS camping at Fla, MS St, Aub, LSU, So. Miss; feels like a Tiger or Gator
Jaron Brown 6-2/187/4.77 Cheraw (SC) Cheraw ** Y Clem, UK, S. Car, Tenn, W.Va Plans an official visit to Knoxville
Vaughn Carraway 6-2/170/4.57 Laureldale (PA) Muhlenberg ***.5 Y Mich, BC, Pitt, Tenn, Syra, WVU Has M ahead of UT
Darius Morgan 6-4/188/4.7 Warren (AR) Warren ** Y Ala, FSU, Tenn, 4.7 on a WR ain't much, but he's tall.
Darren Sewell 5-11/175/4.45 Melborne (FL) Palm Bay ** Y Ark, Colo, S.Car, Tenn Attended Rutgers' camp
Deion Walker 6-3/185/4.45 Christchurch (VA) Christchurch School **** Y Everybody His recruiting seems to be wide open right now, has mentioned visiting UT
Rodriguez Wilks 6-1/195/4.56 Smyrna (TN) Smyrna *** Y Tenn, Ala, Vandy Brother of Vol Marsalous Johnson, says he's taking his time ($).

CFAJ inane commentary: We've got numbers on the roster, but what quality? All the spring practice reports sound doom-and-gloomy about the wide outs for the most part, and we won't know about the '07 guys until the fall. The number of early offers make it look like the coaches see this as a need position. Besides, you always take playmakers.

Tight End

Need: ModerateOn roster in '08: Cottam (Jr), Stocker (So)

Name Ht./Wt./40 Hometown/School Avg. Stars Offer Schools Notes
Aaron Douglas 6-6/245/4.9 Maryville (TN) Maryville **** Verbal Tenn, (Miss) Another legacy: Dad, uncle played for UT, mom played for Summitt; also led Maryville to 3A basketball title.

CFAJ inane commentary: Depends heavily on what happens with Brandon Warren. If Warren joins the Vols this season (or at all) TE is covered in this class by Douglass. If Warren's not around, UT might need another in this class.

Offensive Line

Need: Critical. Skate or die. On roster in '08: Foster (Sr), Parker (Sr), Mayo (Sr), McNeil (Jr), McClendon (Jr), Richard (Jr), Scott (Jr), Pope (So), Sawtelle (So), Myers (So), Johnson (So), Shaw (So)

Name Ht./Wt./40 Hometown/School Avg. Stars Offer? Schools Notes
Carson Anderson 6-3/270/- Florence (AL) Florence ** Verbal Tenn, (Ala, Aub, Miss) 3rd legacy in '08 class: dad Terry played with Chavis and uncle Charlie played with Fulmer.
Preston Bailey 6-5/315/- Nashville (TN) MBA **** Y Clem, Mia, Miss, S.Car, Tenn, Vandy; Ala, Mich Pretty wide open; if he leaves the South it'll be for M
Teavis Durgin 6-6/308/5.3 Daphne (AL) Daphne *** Y Fla, LSU, Tenn, Iowa, WVa Vols got in early and made an impression
Dalton Freeman 6-6/270 Pelion (SC) Pelion **** Y UGa, S.Car, Clem, PSU, UVa, VPI, Tenn Visited UT, didn't confirm that Vols would be in his top group
Antoine McClain 6-6/317/5.4 Anniston (AL) Anniston **** Y Ala, Aub, Clem, Fla, FSU, UGa, LSU, Miss, Tenn Plans to trim his list in July
Kenneth Page 6-4/272/5.2 Columbia (SC) AC Flora **** Y Everyone He's taking lots of visits but barely mentioning UT
Dallas Thomas

CFAJ inane commentary: Arguably the biggest need in this class. Even though some of the young ones we've got should be pretty good, it's not unusual for a good OL to take two or three years to develop. The difference in size and strength might not be more evident anywhere else on the field. So, you almost always need a steady influx of big men cycling through your recruiting classes, and there just haven't been enough brought in over the last few years, and now we're playing catch-up.

Defensive Tackle

Need: High On roster in '08: Bolden, Fisher (SR); Williams, Nelson (JR); Brimfield, Hall, Thomas, Langley (So)

Name Ht./Wt./40 Hometown/School Avg. Stars Offer? Schools Notes
Marty Everett 6-4/300 Bushnell (FL) S. Sumter *** Y Ala, Fla, Tenn Vols currently in top 3, but he's still visiting others
Tony Gillespie 6-1/298 Jenks (OK) Jenks ***.5 N Ark. Fla, OK St., Tenn OK St. decommit, "loves the atmosphere" at UT and a friend of Meachem
Lawrence Guy 6-6/265/4.77 Las Vegas (NV) Western **** N ASU, Okla, Tenn W/O evidence of an offer from UT, still has Vols in top 3
Stacy McGee

CFAJ inane commentary: Although they often get lost in the crowd, defensive tackle can be either the most frustrating or most fun position to watch on defense, depending on who's playing it. When the opposing tailback is gashing you for eight yards a pop right up the gut, it's probably because your DT is on skates going backward somewhere in the middle. But when you've got a good big man in there, he can disrupt the offense play after play (John Henderson comes to mind). Plus, it's fun to see a 300 pound guy sit on the other team's QB. UT should be okay here for the foreseeable future, but like offensive linemen, you can never have too many.

Defensive End

Need: HighOn roster in '08: Ayers (SR); Mathis, Brown (JR); Martin, Williams (SO)

Name Ht./Wt./40 Hometown/School Avg. Stars Offer? Schools Notes
Brian Christopher
Quinton Coples 6-7/235/4.8 Kinston (NC) Kinston **** Y Everyone Heavily recruited, doesn't talk about it
LaVar Edwards
Stephen Fowlkes
Michael McAdoo 6-7/220/4.8 Antioch (TN) Antioch *.5 Y Vandy, S.Car, UNC, Miss, Tenn Gave Rivals a top 4 w/o UT, and Scout a top 5 with.
Leon Mackey 6-4/287/4.78 Newark (DE) Christiana *** Y NC St, Tenn They call him Big Mack. Of course they do. Down to NC St and Vols
Jomarcus Savage 6-2/260/4.6 Huntsville (AL) J.O. Johnson *** Y Aub, Tenn, Clem, S.Car Stock is rising, seems high on Aub and UT
Gregg Scruggs
Andrew Wadley

CFAJ inane commentary: Here's a simple formula -- offenses pass more, so defenses need to stop the pass more. One of the key components to disrupting the pass is pressure from the line, and that often comes from the defensive end. Where the equation gets a little muddled is against these new-fangled spread offenses that, by design, force DEs to be pass rushers, pass defenders, and run stoppers all at once. Ergo, DE has become one of the most important spots on the field. UT is a little thin here, so some quality at the spot in this recruiting class is a need.


Need: Medium-lowOn roster in '08: Mayo, Myers-White, Wilson (SR); Davis, McCoy (JR); Donald, Frazier, Thompson, Walker (SO)

Name Ht./Wt./40 Hometown/School Avg. Stars Offer? Schools Notes
Jerrell Harris 6-3/208/4.5 Gadsen (AL) Gadsen City **** Y M, USC, FSU, Ala, Aub, Tenn, Clem, UGa, others Vols one of a bunch of teams he's looking at.
Ricky Holloway 6-2/220/4.6 Somerville (TN) Fayette Ware *** Y Ala, Ark, Miss, Miss St, Tenn Wants to play early,will decide after his season.
Austin Johnson 6-3/235 Hickory (NC) Hickory *** Verbal Tenn, (NC, Aub, Colo, UGa, GT, N.C. St.) Vol commit since last fall, remains "pretty solid" on UT
Herman Lathers
Brandon Magee
Lerentee McCray
Kevin Reddick
E.J. Abrams-Ward 6-5/210/4.6 Thomasville (NC) Thomasville **** Y Clem, UNC, NC St, S.Car, Tenn, others Played QB, TE, FB, and LB as a jr. Would probably fit best as a DE or LB in college but could line up about anywhere. Only camped at UNC but is wide open.
Gerald Williams

CFAJ inane commentary: The need for linebackers in this class depends on how serious coach Chavis is about switching to a 3-4 defense. With four LBs on the field at all times, the need for more depth becomes obvious. There are some interesting VHTs here that would look good in orange.


Need: Medium On roster in '08:

Name Ht./Wt./40 Hometown/School Avg. Stars Offer? Schools Notes
T.J. Bryant 6-5/185/4.45 Tallahassee (FL) Lincoln ***** Y Many Seems to be wide open, not sure where Vols fit in
Alonzo Lawrence
Josh Pleasant
Printiss Waggner

Need: Medium On roster in '08:

Name Ht./Wt./40 Hometown/School Avg. Stars Offer? Schools Notes
JT Floyd 5-11/176 Greenville (SC) * Verbal Tenn, (FSU, ND, VPI, S. Carol.) UT commit, but did attend S.Car's junior day
Tyrone McBride 6-2/210/4.6 Atco (NJ) Winslow Township *** Y UConn, Tenn notes
Brian Sommer 6-0/195/- Alcoa (TN) Alcoa * Y S.Car, Miss, Tenn notes

Updates: July 27, 2007 (LBs); July 14, 2007 (DT and DE); June 30, 2007 (TE and OL); June 26, 2007 (WRs); June 25, 2007 (QBs and RBs); May 22, 2007; May 15, 2007