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RTT's Animated GIF Library

These are not your ordinary animated GIFs, folks. They're fairly long, and because there are so many, this page will take several minutes to load. So open another tab or window and continue browsing until we're done here. Or get a cup of coffee or something. Once everything loads, it will all be in your cache, and they'll start playing at the intended speed.

Most of the animated GIFs below are from Week 12 of the 2008 Animated BlogPoll, which shows them much clearer and sets them to music, so if you haven't seen that, go have a look. To download them, just right click, choose "save as," and follow the instructions.

Tradition_200_mediumSylvester_croom_medium Tommy_tuberville_medium Mark_mangino_hammer2_mediumMark_mangino_hammer1_medium Mark_mangino_hammer3_mediumJoe_paterno_thriller1_mediumJoe_paterno_thriller2_mediumJoe_paterno_thriller3_mediumMike_leach_elsewhere_robot_dance_mediumJim_tressel_chicken_dance_mediumMark_richt_80s_mediumNick_saban_clogging_mediumUrban_meyer_greased_lightning_medium Charlie_weis_clogging_mediumLes_miles_walk_like_an_egyptian_mediumCollege_coaches_ymca_medium