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Vols Land Commitment from DE Kyle Phillips

A good 24 hours for the Tennessee Vols gets better with the commitment of Kyle Phillips.

I'd include a picture of Kyle Phillips, but no, thank *you* picture editor.
I'd include a picture of Kyle Phillips, but no, thank *you* picture editor.
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

You'd be forgiven for getting a bit blindsided with the news, but as we've gotten used to, another game played by the Tennessee Volunteers results in another commitment following shortly behind. This time, it's DE Kyle Phillips who commits, just turning in a commitment during the Army All-American Game.

Look, I'm not gonna tell you I know much about him, but everyone else thinks he's good:  247Sports likes him a lotas does Rivals. He's just outside the top 10 at his position on Rivals, but he's top 10 in both 247's regular ratings and their composite. Again: I'm not the recruiting guy, but that sounds good, doesn't it?

Other near stuff: Tennessee's recruiting class is now 4th in 247's ratings (5th in Rivals). Georgia's the only team from the SEC East currently even close to that in either rating--y'all probably figured out there are about four teams from the SEC West in there with Alabama at the top, but we're used to that by now. For the short term, SEC East probably matters more than the rest, and we know better than most what the potential impacts of a missed class are (I see you, Florida).

This also means three of the top five 247 commits play on the defensive line: Phillips, Shy Tuttle, and Khalil McKenzie. Now that the season's over, it's probably okay to get excited about seeing those guys with Derek Barnett and Curt Maggitt. I'm guessing this means Tennessee's running a 5-1-5 next year to get all these guys on the field, right? That's how this works?