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Tennessee Volunteers Vs. Georgia Bulldogs 2nd Half Game Thread

Enjoy the second half of the Tennessee-Georgia game with other Vols fans in the RTT continuation game thread.

Grant Halverson - Getty Images

The Vols rebounded from a dreadfully offensive defensive performance in the 1st quarter to score 20 points off turnovers in about four minutes and even take a lead when the goal was to go into halftime down only 10. Georgia hit a long field goal to tie the game, and the teams head into the second half as if starting from scratch.

The Bulldogs had their way on offense, and Tennessee's offense was sputtering a bit until late, but we'll see if the Vols can ride the feel good momentum for some advantage in the second half.

Can the Vols exorcise some demons in the next 30 minutes? Stay tuned. And comment below.