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Presenting the all new Orange Evolution T-Shirt and Hoodie

Because you can't spell "evolution" without "VOL."

We've come a long way in a short time here on Rocky Top, from the Crunk & Hot Sauce Era to the self-devolving Britches, Bamboo, and Sunseri Eras, all the way to this current Transformation Era in which we now find ourselves. Now you can celebrate the next step in the orange evolutionary process with a new tee or hoodie. All the cool kids are doing it.

March 2, 2009: Ed Orgeron and the new football staff attempt to impress recruits on campus for Tennessee's Junior Day with what has become known in Tennessee lore as The Crunk Incident. The coaches separate the players from their parents, rip off their own shirts, and start yelling unintelligibly. As it turns out, crunk recruits stick around about as long as crunk coaches, even crunk coaches who employ liberal and repeated doses of hot sauce with their recruiting.

January 15, 2010: Still smarting from its Rumspringa with Lane Kiffin, Tennessee hires Derek Dooley, who promptly uses the word "britches" in his introductory press conference. That becomes a thing, as Dooley develops a reputation for, among other really import things, wearing orange pants on the sidelines.

October 8, 2011: When the shine on the orange britches begins to fade, Dooley reaches for the infamous bamboo metaphor, explaining that bamboo just sits there for years before it grows a gazillion inches high all in one year. The Tennessee fan base cocks an eyebrow but waits.

January 13, 2012: Dooley's de-evolution continues when, after then-defensive coorindator Justin Wilcox refuses to buy the bamboo and bolts for somewhere out west where they grow things they can see growing, Dooley hand picks close personal friend Sal Sunseri to replace him. The britches become big orange jorts, and Sunseri promptly leads the defense down through a greasy hairball of a drain into the grimy depths of darkness and despair. Which ironically is where Tennessee saw the light.

December 7, 2012: UT hires Butch Jones, who gets to work without any crunk, hot sauce, bamboo, or orange britches. What he does bring to the table is the actual re-transformation of Tennessee Football.

So there you have it. The Evolution of Orange, now on a t-shirt and hoodie. You can get the tee in three colors: White, Sport Gray, or Orange, and you can choose between a high-quality ring spung cotton tee or save a couple of bucks by choosing the economy cotton tee. There's also a ladies v-neck available (in white or sport gray). The hoodie only comes in sport gray. Oh, and you can choose whether to include the captions or just go with the images.

Get one now.