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Tennessee Vols Sweet 16 T-Shirts

The Vols' Sweet 16 tees are here in all of their glory. And the right shade of orange.

Tennessee's Sweet 16 t-shirts arrived first thing this morning fresh from being printed somewhere up in Iowa in the middle of the night Sunday, I think. The snow couldn't keep the FedEx truck away, and the 30 custom tees I had to print for the Virginia (WRONG ORANGE!) and Iowa State blogs just today couldn't keep me from keeping one beside me all day just so I could look at it. I'm like Linus and his blanket with this thing.

Anyway, yes we have them, and yes you can get one, and yes you can even get a discount because you're a reader of Rocky Top Talk. If they're still available by the time you read this, just add a Tennessee Vols Sweet 16 t-shirt to your cart and then enter the code RTTSWEET16 to the discount code box in your cart before you check out. (The code self destructs Friday, about the time the Vols will be destroying Michigan.)

And no, you can't have mine.

Tn-s16-b_medium Tn-s16-f_medium