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The Official 2014 Vols Football Fan Shirt: Butch and One Tennessee

Butch. One Tennessee. Smokey Gray. What's not to like?

Everybody has their role to play and their uniform to wear. The players have their jerseys and cleats and helmets and pads and we'll just stop there because, well, you know. But I digress. Fans have their uniform, too, and it's the Official 2014 Tennessee Football t-shirt. Last year, it was Rise to the Top, and for 2014 and Team 118, the theme is "One Tennessee" on the back and simply "BUTCH" on the front, all on that sweet Smokey Gray. Designed locally by Larry Fields and printed locally by Bacon & Company, it's truly all One Tennessee.

You can see the front up there, and here's the back:


You can get one now at Gameday Depot. If you're in the Tri Cities and want to save on shipping, use code "PICKUP" in the promo code box to let us know you'll be picking it up at the store on Eastman Rd. in Kingsport.